Moving Out

Tamati Coffey follows the fortunes of City dwellers as they turn their backs on city life and attempt to forge new futures and better quality lifestyles in Provincial NZ.

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R&R is part of Three's Sunday morning stable of current affairs programmes. Clint Roberts and his guests take on the important trending issues that vex and fascinate us.

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Mōrena! join Kara Rickard and Clint Roberts daily as they bring you the very latest in lifestyle and pop culture trends with a Maori perspective.

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Death Threat

Death Threat hosted by Buck Shelford, is a health makeover series for men. Buck is on a mission to get men to front up and take care of themselves.

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Moko the Dolphin

Moko - A Dolphin in Danger is the true story of lone dolphin Moko, filmed in the six months leading up to his mysterious disappearance off the East Coast of New Zealand. It captures from the beginning the extraordinary relationship between a wild dolphin and a human being.


Re-Think hosted by Stacey Morrison, is a studio based talk show challenging New Zealanders to look at issues from fresh perspectives. Each week our guests are tasked to come up with usable, common sense solutions to the issue of the day.

Warrant of Fitness

Tune Yourself Up With a WARRANT OF FITNESS. WOF is a Maori Television's practical health and well-being show, delivering no-nonsense, hands-on health information from a distinctively Maori perspective.

Health Hazard

Health Hazard is a health make-over series. Each half hour episode focuses on one individual and one medical condition and you meet ordinary New Zealanders who until this point had no idea they were anything but healthy.

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