R&R is a new addition to TV3’s Sunday morning stable of current affairs programmes.

Robert Rākete and his guests take on any and all of the important trending issues that vex and fascinate us, in a freewheeling current affairs talk show that sets the discussion for the rest of your Sunday.

Re-Think hosted by Stacey Morrison, is a studio based talk show challenging New Zealanders to look at issues from fresh perspectives and come up with real solutions to these issues.

Re-think is a show that doesn’t assume we have all the answers – but we get together a bunch of clever buggers and listen to a variety of voices working towards a usable, verifiable, hands-on, common sense solution.

Death Threat hosted by Buck Shelford, is a health makeover series for real men. Buck one of the toughest men on and off the rugby field is on a mission to get men to front up and take care of themselves, but like Buck, most men think they are bulletproof…

Death Threat gets the friends or family of the men involved to come forward and ask for help, help to get their loved ones to ‘buck up’ and do something to change their lives for the better.

Moko – A Dolphin in Danger is the true story of lone dolphin Moko, filmed in the six months leading up to his mysterious disappearance off the East Coast of New Zealand. It captures from the very beginning the extraordinary relationship between a wild dolphin and a human being. Dolphins are social creatures, living in pods – when they're solitary, like Moko, they often interact with humans - ultimately leading to their demise.

This time, one woman is determined history will not be repeated.

Think Tank hosted by John Tamihere, is a current affairs panel discussion show from a Maori perspective, achieving this either by having Maori panelists or by having panelists that understand Maori concerns and views on the topic at hand. After addressing the issue Think Tank then explores a range of solutions and how to implement them.

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